Episode 3: Dr. Rhonda Blackburn, Virtual Team Management

Published: Jul 05 2020

Dr. Rhonda Blackburn is the past president of TxDLA and the newly elected president of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). At this year's national conference, Dr. Blackburn will offer a presentation titled "The Music of Virtual Management", during which she will discuss the management of our current workforce, where more and more companies and schools are hiring virtual employees. From creating the right culture to staying on the same page, Rhonda will touch on a variety of aspects that will help you supervise, manage, and support your virtual team.

In this podcast episode, Dr. Blackburn offers a few tips on how best to lead new virtual teams as well as existing teams switching to a virtual format in light of the pandemic. To hear Dr. Blackburn's full presentation, please join us at this year's July 21 to 24 virtual conference by registering at usdla.org.

In our next episode, we'll be joined by Dr. Toni Sims-Muhammad, associate vice president for academic affairs at Allen University, who will preface her USDLA conference presentation by sharing a few soundbites on how to engage millennials in the online classroom.