S1 - Ep 5 - Sharon Hannan - Coach (Track and Field)

Published: May 20 2021

Sharon Hannan is an Australian Sprints and Hurdles Track and Field Coach.

Sharon is most well known for coaching Sally Pearson from a 12 year old talent to World and Olympic Champion, but is also the coach of the current Australian champion over 100m hurdles, Liz Clay.

As their applied biomechanist, I collaborated over 8 years in support of Sharon and Sally as they grew from talented to unbeatable on the world stage, and in this episode we talk about how our relationship and level of science evolved over the years together as a team, and the realties of working with an athlete at the highest of levels.

A must listen for any hurdles or track and field addict, but also details the depth of the trust and relationship built working over an extended period of time