#2 | 29.09.2022 | SLAPP: How to protect journalists and civil society actors?

Union of European Federalists | Meetings and debates by UEF Secretariat

Episode notes

The number of “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Practice” (SLAPP) against journalists, civil society actors and other people active in the public sphere is on the rise in Europe.

Resource-rich individuals, organisations and public authorities bring proceedings in relation to public participation that are fully or partially unfounded in order to silence their critics. These lawsuits restrict the liberty of speech and democracy in Europe. Fighting SLAPP is an important contribution to protecting European values and preserving European democracy.

The European Commission has adopted a recommendation and a legislative proposal for a directive to protect journalists, civil society actors and other people against SLAPP. This will enable judge to dismiss manifestly unfounded lawsuits, force plaintiffs to cover the costs for court proceeding  ... 

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