Ep. 40: Casey Beathard — Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer… in More Ways Than One

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

One day, Casey very unexpectedly told his family he was moving to Nashville to chase his dream of becoming a country music songwriter. He still remembers his brothers and his dad saying, “Whoa, you’re doing what?! Are you insane?!” Seven years later, Casey’s gamble finally paid off when he landed a songwriting contract. Then tragedy struck…forcing Casey to come face-to-face with every parent’s worst nightmare.

You’ll hear:

  • Why Casey and his siblings grew up around famous football players

  • What made him decide not to follow in his family’s footsteps for his future

  • The #1 thing that got him through the tragic murder of his son

  • What happened when he faced the family of the man who took his son’s life

  • Casey’s advice for anyone who has a dream but is scared to cha ... 

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