Ep. 143: Quintina Sonnie- Escaping Trafficking and Rescuing Others

Unbeatable by Jeff Struecker

Episode notes

Growing up, Quintina Sonnie endured a childhood marked by abandonment, sexual assault, abusive relationships, and domestic sexual exploitation. During these times, she often faced “choiceless choices.” Quintina eventually broke free from her life as a victim and is now thriving. She draws on her traumatic experiences to empower women to heal themselves, helping them discover joy and love. Through her work, Quintina provides tools and support to help women avoid similar traumas and assists those who are trapped in abusive situations to break free. In this episode, Quintina shares her powerful story of escaping a life of trafficking and how she turned her trauma into a source of strength.

  • Understand why it's crucial to assess if you or someone you know is being trafficked and how to identify the warning signs.
  • Learn why ge ... 
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