Phage Directory: How a Decentralized Network of Researchers Find Cures

UltraRare The Podcast by Jocelynn Pearl

Episode notes

It started with a tweet. A 25 year old woman named Mallory was suffering from an infection that had failed all antibiotic treatments. A researcher named Dr. Steffanie Strathdee was using Twitter to hunt for the impossible - a scientist somewhere in the world who might have the right phage - a virus that infects bacteria - that could save this patient. When Jessica Sacher (a phage researcher) showed her friend Jan Zheng (a UI/UX developer) the tweet, the idea for Phage Directory was born. A simple, elegant solution to a global problem. Phage Directory started as a list of phage researchers and a newsletter called Capsid & Tail. To date, it has facilitated multiple phage cures, grown a global community of researchers who hold potential treatments for future drug-resistant infections, and built a model for discovery research from benchtop to bed ... 

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