Phage Directory: How a Decentralized Network of Researchers Find Cures

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It started with a tweet. A 25 year old woman named Mallory was suffering from an infection that had failed all antibiotic treatments. A researcher named Dr. Steffanie Strathdee was using Twitter to hunt for the impossible - a scientist somewhere in the world who might have the right phage - a virus that infects bacteria - that could save  ...  See more
Apr 12 2022

Jocelynn (Host) (00:00)
Hello, everyone, and welcome back to UltraRare, the podcast. I'm your host, Jocelynn Pearl. And today's episode dives into a topic that I'm extremely excited about right now. It's decentralized biotech. What is decentralized biotech? Well, in my mind, it's groups of people, companies, organizations that have figured out ways to decentralize their biotech research and their identification of cures. And today we chat with Jan and Jessica, who have done just that with their company, Phage Directory. We talk all about their journey to finding phage (therapies) and what they're trying to accomplish these days. I'll give a little bit of a hint: they're moving to Australia to take their show on the road and do even more with this awesome platform that they've built. So I'm

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