Episode 9: UFCW 3000 Member Amber Wise Runs for Office

The UFCW 3000 Podcast by UFCW 3000

Episode notes
What happens when you realize you could run for local office? How can the union, and the labor movement as a whole, help union members do that? And wait, how does being a mom prepare you for being a meat cutter? Host Michaela sits down with Amber Wise, a UFCW 3000 member, apprentice meat cutter at Kirkland PCC, mom of 2, and current candidate for the board of Commissioners for Public Hospital District #2, which governs Evergreen Kirkland hospital. || Learn more about the meatcutter apprenticeship in Episode 4 of our podcast, "Apprenticeships—or, WeTrain You on How to Pick Your Steak and Advance Your Career," and at ufcw3000.org/meat. Learn more about Amber's campaign for hospital commissioner at www. ...   ...  Read more