Episode 7: “It’s your hospital, it’s your health care, it’s your community”: How Nurses at Providence Everett Are Fighting for their Patients During a Staffing Crisis

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“Nurses are mad, and we are telling you this is not normal. This should never be normal.” Kelli and Trevor, nurses at the Providence Medical Center in Everett, Washington, speak with Michaela about their ongoing contract negotiations. What does it look like to take your fight for safer staffing at work to the city council, the local newspaper, the state capitol? Kelli, Trevor, and many of their coworkers have spent years now speaking up publicly about staffing issues at their hospital, the impacts of the staffing crisis on their patients, and what needs to be done to fix the problem. Their contract negotiations, including staffing language and compensation that would recruit and retain more nurses, are still going on and could potentially lead to a strike this fall if management can’t come to the table with a fair deal for nurses AND their patien ... 

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