S3EP11 - Body Image | Managing Weight Changes During Chemotherapy & Hormone Therapy

Too Young For This Shit | AYA Breast Cancer Podcast by Rosalina and Shauna

Episode notes

TW - Body Image

In this episode, Rosalina opens up about her struggles with body image for the first time. She begins by shedding light on the overwhelming influence of media and societal pressures on body image and critically analyzing society's unattainable standards.

Throughout the episode, Rosalina and Shauna discuss their personal journeys with body image, from their early childhood days to their experiences during and after their journey with cancer. They address a range of issues, including the constant struggle to place trust in their own bodies, the emotional weight of dealing with weight gain during treatment, and the profound effects on their self-esteem, quality of life, and overall mental well-being.

This conversation explores the path to healing and self-acceptance during survivorship and sh ... 

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