S3EP9 - Hair Update Post Chemotherapy: A Journey of Hair Loss and Regrowth

Too Young For This Shit | AYA Breast Cancer Podcast by Rosalina and Shauna

Episode notes

TW: Hair Loss.

Shauna and Rosalina share their respective experiences of hair loss, regrowth, and maintenance throughout treatment for breast cancer. Methods such as cold-capping are utilized to try and minimize loss, but with the inevitable fall-out, both Shauna and Rosalina resorted to additional measures outside of chemo treatment, such as hair extensions, trying out wigs, and wearing baseball hats. They discuss the traumas associated with losing hair during chemotherapy, how they coped, and how they feel about their hair growth and maintenance going forward.

Episode Timestamps:

[00:09:32] Embracing the New Chapter of Your Hair Journey

[00:17:26] Hair Pre-Cancer VS. Post-Cancer

[00:18:35] How's our Scalp Doing Since Cold-Capping?

[00:20:44] Trying Hair Regrowth Serums

[00:22:45] Where the Fuck Did My L ... 

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