S3EP2 - Hormone Therapy Pt II: Anastrozole and Lupron | Verzenio and Tamoxifen | A Dual Approach to Hormone Therapy

Too Young For This Shit | AYA Breast Cancer Podcast by Rosalina and Shauna

Episode notes

In this two-part journey, Shauna and Rosalina detail the mental, emotional, financial, and physical struggle of hormone therapy through — and following — treatment. At points, Shauna felt like she was one continuous experiment, fighting fire with fire and piling on medications that put her in a dark place for the better part of a year. Rosalina and Shauna are on their five-year medication regimen, with Rosalina having experienced menopausal-like symptoms of insomnia, hot flashes, brain fog, and joint pain that lasted over a year and a half.

With the help of a new workout regimen, Rosalina no longer experiences joint pain, but her other symptoms vary from week to month. She has found other coping mechanisms to help with insomnia and shared them with Shauna, who has also been having sleepless nights and hot flashes. Shauna shifted gears with  ... 

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