Two Sides of the StoryExplicit

by Thomas Sides and Shawn Sides

Shawn and Tom Sides are cousins that never met until they were adults. Growing up on separate ends of the country these two share their sides of the story. Discovering their similarities and differences. 

Podcast episodes

  • E34 - Tom Isn't Lonely, He's Independent

    E34 - Tom Isn't Lonely, He's IndependentExplicit

    On this week's episode the boys get into Tom's pre move in prep (0:20) Movie characters with the same name as people we know (7:55) Episode 1 of Star Trek Discovery (12:40) and Star Trek DS9 (20:35). Shawn calls out Tom on his dow...

  • E33 - Hey Etsy, We're Sorry

    E33 - Hey Etsy, We're SorryExplicit

    On this week's podcast Tom comes in hot as he has a bone to pick with Shawn from last week's show. (0:35). They give their takes on the Spiderman No Way Home trailer and Tom gives his take Marvel's Eternals (5:35). Tom has been ge...

  • E32 - Commander Worf Pulls

    E32 - Commander Worf PullsExplicit

    On this week of the Podcast Tom is recording live from Fredericton, NB (0:20), the boys have a a big merch announcement (11:20) and Christmas has begun at Shawn's house (13:55). The boys discuss the potential of adventures Tom wil...

  • E31 - Encounter With David O'Connor

    E31 - Encounter With David O'Connor Explicit

    On this weeks podcast the Sides boys are showing off the new hats that they will have for sale soon (0:22) Tom has moved out of Vancouver finally (2:02) Shawn discusses his halloween shenanigans (6:45) and the boys talk about the...

  • E30 - Together At Last!

    E30 - Together At Last!Explicit

    On the 30th episode of the podcast Tom and Shawn are in the same!!! In their first attempt of recording in person and doing it live on TikTok it ha it's ups and downs. Forgive Tom's audio .... The cousins are a little all over the...