Twisted Curiosities

by Delayed Reaction Media

Welcome to the shop with only haunted items for sale, trinkets from another world. Each item in my shop holds a story, as equally horrifying as the last.  

Podcast episodes

  • E01 - BONUS: Connected

    E01 - BONUS: Connected

    Welcome to the shop of Twisted Curiosities!On display for this Halloween, we have a pair of headphones.But these headphones are anything but ordinary...And Daniel and Avery are going to find out just how extraordinary they are...-...

  • E02 - BONUS: A Very Twisted Christmas!

    E02 - BONUS: A Very Twisted Christmas!

    2022 Christmas SpecialSarah just wants a normal Christmas. But when a snow globe she buys breaks open, it unleashes a flurry of trouble! Because two elves have escaped into the real world and she has to team of with Santa to get r...