This Week in College Viability

by Gary Stocker

Imagine your college student calls home in a panic. Their college just announced it is about to close - for good. How do you avoid this story happening to you? Many private colleges have recently closed and it is likely many more will close. Our College Viability App shows which ones are more likely to do so. Don't let your student choose a financially unhealthy college and lose lost credits, lost time and lost money ...   ...  Read more

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  • This Week in College Viability for September 22, 2023

    This Week in College Viability for September 22, 2023

    My name is Gary Stocker, and we continue today on our journey to inform college students and their families and faculty and staff and many others about what is really going on inside higher education. Of course, the focus is on college finances and viability, but we also try to shine the light. on the many transparency issues or lack of transparency from college leaders for both public and private colleges. Going to start off today with an article from New York Times Magazine.Show note links:Tulane featured in New York Times Magazine article about declining male college enrollmentBy KASEY BUBNASH at 9-12----‘There Was Definitely a Thumb on the Scale to Get Boys’Susan Dominus from the NYT----Some universities’ response to budget woes: Making faculty teach more coursesJON MARCUS APR 2021 (Hechinger Report)----U.S. News’ Rankings Not the ‘Behemoth’ Perceived 9-13 Jessica Blake----Ron Lieber NYT “The Price You Pay for College” Link to online course on how to get more merit aid.----Wartburg College to reduce tuition by 45%, boost aid for students The WCF Courier----More belt-tightening ahead for UP (Univ of Portland)The Beacon ( student site) by Riley Martinez

  • The College Viability Manifesto

    The College Viability Manifesto

    I spend a lot of time espousing the weaknesses of colleges and justifiably so. But today I wanna share something I published about a year ago. It is my College Viability Manifesto. From my mind, the value of a college education is without any question desirable. Is it always ideal? Is it always perfect? No, but that's not the question. It is desirable. And I speak from experience as a first generation college student from a large family. I put my strong beliefs about that college education for me and for you, along with some important considerations and qualifications into what is the college viability manifesto. Listen and watch the podcast to see the 10 items and how to consider them as you choose and evaluate colleges.

  • This Week in College Viability (TWICV) This is silly PR season. September 11, 2023

    This Week in College Viability (TWICV) This is silly PR season. September 11, 2023

    Through all of the silly season admissions announcements, let’s remember to ask: “Who is the fiduciary - someone looking out for the best interests for students, parents, faculty, and the community?" It is definitely not college leaders and boards. Tune into our regular TWICV podcasts as we work to increase financial transparency in higher education. For students and parents, We’ll give you the perspective you need to make the most informed decisions about college you are considering. For faculty, staff, and other stakeholders, come to College Viability to get the guidance and data you need to engage in transparent conversations with your college leaders.Here are the links to today's stories.Liam Knox at IHE 9-7-23 (Dominican U etc.)Limestone University names acting new president following resignation of interim SC‘Debt-free’ education: No more student loans in Washington U. financial aid packages STL PD 9-8-23Western Illinois Univ Fall 2023 enrollmentInternational, grad students buoy Eastern Illinois University enrollmentEnrollment at Iowa’s public universities is on a downward trendLyon College sees enrollment gains The Batesville Daily Guard

  • This Week in College Viability - Sep 6, 2023: Does enrollment pay the bills?

    This Week in College Viability - Sep 6, 2023: Does enrollment pay the bills?

    Here is a quick summary of one of the stories discussed in this podcast.As I read this, I realized the folks at Lakeland use a lot of big words for a university that can’t even graduate 50% of its students: AFTER 6 YEARS! Admissions Yield is down 27 points, tuition and fees down $4MThe story uses words like: visionary initiative, groundbreaking partnership, transformative alliances, and high-quality higher education for our community. I would humbly suggest they start being transformative by graduating more of the students they already have. This is yet another example in the endless efforts by colleges to win via PR. While it is likely they will have some number of students complete this BS at a Blackhawk Technical Colleges, it is almost certain that Lakeland and the other participating colleges will drive anything close to materially significant new net revenue. I need to come up with a catch phrase to describe this business by PR model.Enrollment does not pay the bills, net collected tuition and fees do.Here are the links to the stories referenced in this podcast

  • TWICV September 1, 2023 Transparency, please. Management by PR won't work.

    TWICV September 1, 2023 Transparency, please. Management by PR won't work.

    For the many who regularly follow my podcasts and post, you may recall one of my most recent focal points has been the role of a fiduciary. Fiduciary: look out for the bests interests of an organization. Particularly that college presidents and other leaders are not transparent with their college's finances. That fiduciary responsibility precludes them from being honest and transparent. I don’t like it, but I can’t argue with it too much.The main reason I am upping my proverbial game with more podcast content is that students, their families, faculty, staff, and communities need a fiduciary in their corner. So the College Viability app and my running commentary on new stories will continue until every stakeholder in the higher education market has equal access to information about the financial health and viability of their colleges – and the viability of majors, programs, courses, and employment stability at their college.I encourage you to share my podcasts with others in the higher education: In particular, parents, faculty, staff, and community leaders.Email me a comment, questions, concern, agreement, or disagreement to gary@collegeviability.comGet your version of the College Viability appStory links:AntiochBushman on tuition discountsOshkosh layoffsYork CollegeIndiana StateFr. Gregoire Fluet at Mount St. Mary