Gaye Strathearn on Galatians, Godly Growth, Godly Love and Godly Laws (week of Sept. 24, second episode)

The Scriptures Are Real by Kerry Muhlestein

Episode notes
In this video Gaye Strathearn and Kerry discuss the nature of the epistle to the Galatians. They go through the added history we learn about the early Christian question regarding the Law of Moses, exploring what that meant for them and how it applies in our day. They discuss the kind of growth that comes from focusing on Christ and His law. They explore what it means to live by the Spirit and the kind of liberty that comes from that and what love has to do with that, and the way it can transform us. We are grateful for our sponsor, Lisa Spice, and our editor, BJ Muhlestein, and for Rich Nicholls, who composed and plays the music for the podcast.
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