Dan Belnap on Love and Seeing Our Divine Nature, 2 Cor 1-7 part 2 (week of Sept. 10, second episode)

The Scriptures Are Real by Kerry Muhlestein

Episode notes
Kerry and Dan discuss how, when we see others as they are, it affects us and the way we think of and treat them. The explore the need to figure out how to see the divine nature in others. They also discuss how God and his prophets have confidence in us, and that Paul was full of love. This leads to analyzing how all other teachings work if we are full of love and have a pure heart in our actions. The compare things in Paul's day and modern membership councils. They teach us that we sometimes have to go against the flow of the world. The discuss what Godly sorrow is and understanding how what we do affects others and what that has to do with repentance and how it allows us to move on and why repentance is great, not scary.We are grateful for our sponsor, Lisa Spice, and our editor, BJ Muhlestein, and for Rich Nicholls, who composed and plays the musi ...   ...  Read more
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