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A Fantasy Football Podcast from the experts at Top Shelf Fantasy. Just a couple of guys who enjoy trying out new craft beers each episode and providing their knowledge on fantasy football. We will have shotgun bets throughout the season so make sure you listen for weekly bets and punishments. Visit our website at and follow us on Twitter @TopShelfFNTSY. Cheers! 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • S05 E07 - Free Agency Week 2

    S05 E07 - Free Agency Week 2

    After some bigger pieces fell during the first week of free agency, we go over a few other players who changed teams and what that means for their fantasy outlook. We get some sad news on a young Tight End and Aaron Rodgers is sti...

  • S05 E06 - 2023 NFL Free Agency 2/2

    S05 E06 - 2023 NFL Free Agency 2/2

    Thanks for tuning in ti the first part of the free agency pod! In this one, we go over the players that have changed teams. Make sure to follow our 'Same Faces, New Places' article on the website to keep up with all the player mov...

  • S05 E05 - 2023 NFL Free Agency 1/2

    S05 E05 - 2023 NFL Free Agency 1/2

    With all the news coming out this week, the podcast needed to be broken down in to two parts because we love talking football. In this sections we go over some news around the league as well as players who are staying with the for...

  • S05 E04 - 2023 NFL Combine Results

    S05 E04 - 2023 NFL Combine Results

    The combine is officially over and we have plenty to talk about. Anthony Richardson broke some records, while other players ran slower than expected. We also go over some big signing, franchise tagged players, and a few cut casual...

  • S05 E03 - QB Carousel

    S05 E03 - QB Carousel

    With the free agency looming, we wanted to play one of our favorite games. We go through all of the free agents QBs, QBs who were recently cut, and possible QBs to be traded in the offseason. We match them up with with the teams w...