Tomorrow Makers: A Penn College Podcast

by Pennsylvania College of Technology

Coming to you from the campus of Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA, this tomorrow-minded podcast dives into impactful topics like diversity and inclusion and engaging societal and cultural considerations. Stories explore how we learn, live, work, and play at Penn College and across the world. Through authentic dialogue with faculty, students, staff, and industry experts, our goal is to spark meaningful c ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Dr. Rob Cooley: Listen and Save the World

    Dr. Rob Cooley: Listen and Save the World

    Dr. Rob Cooley, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Environmental Science at Pennsylvania College of Technology, views the world through an anthropological lens. After chatting with him in this episode, we can easily see the clarity in this approach. We dive into his journey to Penn College, his quest to save the world, and his advice for reducing your carbon footprint. Rob also talks about the global experience course he co-led to the Dominican Republic, the monumental impact of living and working alongside a different culture, and the abundance of life-changing takeaways.References:Global Experience Water Filter FundraiserOcean ConservancyPenn College Global ExperiencesWilliamsport Grower's MarketA Sand County Almanac: And Other Essays on Conservation from Round RiverGoogle Meets Aldo Leopold

  • Dr. Summer Bukeavich: Don't Get Anxious

    Dr. Summer Bukeavich: Don't Get Anxious

    It's Summer-fest at Tomorrow Makers. Dr. Summer Bukeavich, Associate Professor of Business Administration/Management & Marketing, and host Sumer Beatty talk all about mental health and Dr. Bukeavich's personal journey with anxiety disorder. Learn about her story and how she went from nearly being paralyzed with anxiety to becoming a campus leader. Along they way, we’ll touch on strategies for supporting those with anxiety, the importance of community, and even how Summer convinced Apple—yes, that Apple—to change Siri’s response to a voice command.References:Psych Central: "Siri, I Want To Kill Myself" Is Apple's New Update Enough?YouTube: Talking to Siri About Suicide

  • Dr. Craig Miller and Ashlee Felix-Taveras: Prison Education

    Dr. Craig Miller and Ashlee Felix-Taveras: Prison Education

    We have a really thought-provoking conversation on tap for you today with Dr. Craig Miller, History Professor, and Ashlee Felix-Taveras, a recent graduate of Penn College's Human Services & Restorative Justice program. Our topics are prison education and restorative justice. If you’re like us, you may have never given these concepts much thought. Regardless of how familiar you are with the topics, we can guarantee you will feel the gravitational pull of this conversation. Our guests are super passionate about finding the good in people. These two are simply incredible humans with pure intentions. And if you hold out until the end, you won’t be disappointed. Our guests connect on a personal level and Craig gives us a takeaway that’s worth the wait.Resources:Find Your Legislator

  • Dr. Nate Woods, Jr. and Jason Wiedl: Modeling Inclusion and Making Tomorrow

    Dr. Nate Woods, Jr. and Jason Wiedl: Modeling Inclusion and Making Tomorrow

    Dr. Nate Woods, Special Assistant to the President for Inclusion Transformation, at Pennsylvania College of Technology joins us for a lively conversation with Construction Management student Jason Wiedl. Dr. Woods is a true change-maker and one of the most caring and inspiring people you might meet. Jason interviews Dr. Woods about his background, his role at Penn College, and his vision for the future. Jason also surprises us by bringing a few questions of his own. Concert anyone?