THRIVE Podcast | Carrs Pasties | 3rd Generation

THRIVE | The Family Business Podcast by John Good Group

Episode notes

Podcast Overview: We delve into Carrs Pasties based in Bolton, UK, who have been trading since 1938! A third-generation family business run and owned by 3 brothers who are transitioning the business into the next growth phase by bringing in a team of non-family Executives.

Takeaways From Episode

  1. Family values run through the brothers and the entire organisation
  2. 3 brothers have a clear way of making major decisions
  3. The brothers recognise their own strengths and need outside experts to fuel the next wave of growth

Carrs Pasties Business Overview

Family run since 1938We’re a family-run bakery based in Bolton and we’ve been baking perfect pasties since 1938, we’ve grown as a business since we first started but our values stay the same.It’s simple;  ... 

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