Episode 72 - Tim is BACK & A Feisty New Power Rankings

THIS LEAGUE!!! Fantasy Football Podcast by THIS LEAGUE!!!

Episode notes

What if we told you that a 3-5 team is surely more destined for a playoff spot than two other 4-4 teams? Only in THIS LEAGUE!!! would you think of something so preposterous....but here we are.The new and improved Close But No Jamar is ready to run train on his opponents on his way to the playoffs, likely leaving Don and Njigbas in Paris fighting Hayden and Tua Infinity & Bijan.

We are on our way to playoff town with only a few weeks until games REALLY matter. Join the gang for a Week 8 Review, an updated Power Rankings with its fair share of disagreement amongst the hosts, and a preview of a pivotal Week 9 for several squads.

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