Episode 64 - FOOTBALL!

THIS LEAGUE!!! Fantasy Football Podcast by THIS LEAGUE!!!

Episode notes
FOOTBALL IS BAAAAACK!The guys bring the energy this week as they celebrate the beautiful gridiron game returning to our television screens. You can smell the 7 hour of commercial free football already...This week's show has everything you could want.NFL Predictions with hot takes? Got it.The RETURN of the THIS LEAGUE!!! Guarantee? You bet!Official Week 1 Preview? Of course.Pre-Season Power Rankings? Duh.Oh, and Chris still really loves Kadarius Tony for some reason.Thank you for joining for another season of the THIS LEAGUE!!! Fantasy Football Podcast!THIS LEAGUE!!! is a special fantasy football podcast covering the best and most competitive fantasy football league in the land. Keep up with all the scores and transactions at www ...   ...  Read more