Episode 62 - SEASON 4 PREMIER & Rookie Draft Recap Mega-Episode!

THIS LEAGUE!!! Fantasy Football Podcast by THIS LEAGUE!!!

Episode notes
Congratulations, you've made it. The wait is officially over.....Well, not totally, football isn't actually back yet.But you're favorite fantasy football podcast is! Season 4 of the THIS LEAGUE!!! Fantasy Football Podcast is here, and the fellas welcome back listeners with a nearly 2 hour MEGASHOW! Catch up on all of the major headlines of the NFL offseason and how they impact your favorite THIS LEAGUE!!! squad, listen to Aaron & Chris gush over the Indianapolis Colts's new franchise quarterback, and get a full break down of this year's league rookie draft.Oh, and did we mention trades? The THIS LEAGUE!!! Trade Ring returns with four trades being welcomed to the ring. Some were fine, others changed the trajectory of some teams. Who do you think won each matchup?And lastly, of course, come for th ...   ...  Read more