S02 E07 - Mindfully Advocating for a Deaf and Hard of Hearing World with Amanda Zubricki @thatdeafgirl

Yogateeth by Heather Bolton
In this episode, Amanda educates us on the barriers and blessings of being a dental hygienist who was born deaf, and how we can advocate for others! We discuss clear masks to ultrasonics and more..."Just Ask" -Amanda Zubricki, @that.deaf.girlDeaf Awareness Month is in September! In preparation, you will not want to miss this episode with  ...  See more
Aug 24 2022

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08:03:04 Yes, I actually next month is September. It's dup away on this month, So every September I like to do postal way to raise mine for Oh, that got ava scholarship so that you know we can help a shooting choose the goal of the you know becoming a double
08:03:01 Personally hygiene every year
08:03:30 That is so cool. What I just have so many questions for you.
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08:03:37 Ask about.
08:03:49 Hi! Actually this setting in the middle of the pan, Dumbck.
08:03:56 Well, you know all the sudden. You know the world kind of sucked down.
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