Misty West Gay, owner Freestone Ranch, Sonoma County CA 7-8-2020

Published: Dec 15 2020

Misty West Gay is a mom, poet, gardener, herbalist, and regenerative rancher. She and her husband Jonathan own Freestone Ranch in northern California. They are a certified Fibershed Climate Beneficial Producer and are a member of the American Grassfed Association. Misty is also a member of the Sonoma County Food System Alliance. Following a stint doing Internet software production and technical writing, back when those things were fun, she circled back to her first loves: poetry and trees.

Highlights of this episode include:

1. Her journey from working in software tech to becoming a regenerative rancher.

2. Why scalability and growth mindset may be problematic for a regenerative ag.

3. Fragile food systems and mobile harvesting units.

4. Why the size of our communities disrupts coherence and interrelational integrity and sense-making.

5. Why restoring the relationship to animal harvest is vital for true connectivity and animal welfare.