Interview with Shama Tatler - exploring the housing crisis.

Truth about Local Government by Matt Masters

Episode notes

Today I spoke with Shama Tatler, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning and Growth at Brent Council. Vice Chair of London Labour Regional Board. LGA Resources Board Member. LGA Labour Peer. We covered in todays episode:

  • Why housing is a critical issue and setting the scene
  • Difficulties councils face - austerity; policy; expectations
  • What needs to change in planning and the housing sector
  • Why housing is political minefield
  • What Brent is getting right that others can learn from.

A bit about Shama. When my parents came to this country, they had everything thrown at them. They believed that in society we all look after each other and that if someone fell we should be there to help them stand again.I remember being told at school that I cou ... 

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