Ep. 24: Shine Your Light - with Ian Daniel

Published: Jul 18 2021

This week, Sah welcomes Ian Daniel, a filmmaker, writer, and Emmy-nominated producer. Daniel recently co-directed “There’s Something in the Water," a documentary film that explores the topic of environmental racism in Canada, which made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and is currently streaming on NETFLIX. Daniel was the Co-host and Executive Producer of the Emmy-nominated television show GAYCATION on VICELAND, where he and actor Elliot Page explore LGBTQ culture around the world.


In this episode, Sah and Ian discuss...

  • How Sah & Ian met, and the history of their friendship

  • The most inspiring and traumatic experiences of working on Gaycation and the impact it has made on Ian's life

  • Ian's spiritual and sober journey

  • The liberation of shame

  • The role of forgiveness in Ian's life


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