Ep 17: XO Higher Self - with Bunny Michael

Published: May 06 2021

This week, Sah welcomes Bunny Michael, a spiritual coach and multi-disciplinary artist who has dedicated their work to awakening the Higher Self- the manifestation of love within all humans deconditioned by the limitations of ego identity. Using writing, visual art, music, and performance Bunny has shared their Higher Self message on stages throughout the United States and Europe. What began as a viral meme series on Instagram, has now expanded to a popular advice podcast, XO Higher Self, and two books (Me and My Higher Self, 2017 and Love Notes From Your Higher Self, 2018).

Instagram: @bunnymichael @xohigherself

XO Higher Self Podcast: https://apple.co/3b7viR4

In this episode, Sah and Bunny discuss...

  • Seeing the world through the lens of love & compassion vs. ego

  • The hierarchy of worth

  • The role of queerness in spirituality

  • Spirituality in their relationships

  • Being spiritually seductive through creativity and authenticity

  • How to connect to your higher self


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