Cheese Making, Spirit Distilling, and Curd Fest 2024 with Alise Sjostrom of Redhead Creamery

The Small Town Tourist by Abbey Minke Graves

Episode notes

Alise Schostrom, co-founder and owner of Redhead Creamery, shares her farming journey and the story behind Curd Fest. Redhead Creamery is a dairy farm and farmstead cheese company located in central Minnesota. Elise and her family specialize in creating value-added products to compete in the market. They started with fresh cheese curds and cloth-bound cheddar, and have since expanded their product line to include Brie, garlic cheddar, whiskey-washed Munster, and more. They are also in the process of starting a distillery, where they will turn whey into spirits. Curd Fest is an annual event that showcases local food vendors, breweries, wineries, and live music. It is a celebration of dairy farming and the community.

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