Celia Webster: Parenting a child who has Additional Needs

The Salty Mums Podcast by Rebecca Miles

Episode notes

In this episode we talk to Celia Webster, co-founder of WAVE for Change, about the joys and challenges of parenting a child who has a learning disability. Celia gives a deeply honest and moving account of discovering life was going to take a different path when she discovered Maia’s disability, the isolation of having a child who is “different” at times, but also how much joy Maia has brought to her life. She also tells us about how she and Bernice Hardy founded WAVE for Change, a charity which gives those with and without learning disabilities a chance to mix, and part of the story honestly gave us goosebumps!


Topic #1 [1:50] Introductions and discovering Maia had learning disabilities

Celia gives us an introduction to herself, and the struggles she faced and the lessons learnt in discovering Maia ha ... 

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