E17 - Artist and Audience w/guest co-host Brett Varon

The Sage Arts by Sage Bray Varon
Who is your audience and what is your relationship with them? What are you providing or sharing with your audience and what do you need from them?A co-host artist’s chat, Brett and I work through everything from who we create for to whether we need an audience to why audience size is irrelevant and more. We really dig down to the essence  ...  See more
Mar 31 2023

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You only need to be validated by a small number of people by the people that feel connected to you by the yeah, the people who the work that you do changes things for them and you make their lives a little bit better.

Your audience.
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Yeah, hello all you.

Wonderful, creative, curious people out there. This is sage. Thank you for joining me on the Sage Arts podcast. I am in the studio today with my better half Brett me, hi me, Brett Varrens here with me today.

Me. Hello.

You know that guy that I live with? Yeah, I'm married to.

And spend a lot of time with annoyed by.

I spend so much time with. See, I brought Brett in today because I wanted to talk about the opposite

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