E14 - Feed Your Muse

The Sage Arts by Sage Bray Varon
What do you do to keep your Muse well-fed and happy? We know we need to feed it, know that inspiration is important to our creative endeavors but what do we actively do to ensure that happens on a regular basis.That's what this little chat here is all about. I'll help you see your muse as something that is within your control to bolster a  ...  See more
Mar 10 2023

Your imagination may just be kind of
weekend listless because it's feeling starved
and you actually need to get out of the studio
and see and experience new and inspiring parts of the world outside your door.
Hello all my fabulous creative friends.
Thank you again for joining me on the Sage Arts podcast.
I'm Sage, your solo host this fine day.
I am in the studio at the moment, but when this is released,
I will actually be in Maui,
hopefully listening to whales and swimming with turtles,
as well as exploring the backside of the Halaiakala National Park.
The weather forecast is a little iffy and so it might not be super ideal,
but you know what?
I'm going to be out and I'm going to be adventuring
and that's kind of the point of today's conversation,
which we'll get into in just a moment.

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