Kareem Saleh - Founder & CEO, Fairplay

The Real Maxime Podcast by Raido

Episode notes

In this episode, we are joined by Kareem Saleh, Founder and CEO of FairPlay, the world's first Fairness-as-a-Service company. Financial institutions use FairPlay’s APIs to embed fairness considerations into their marketing, underwriting, pricing, and collections algorithms as well as to automate their fair lending compliance. In this insightful conversation, we discuss the challenges and triumphs of building a technology-driven solution to one of today's most pressing issues in financial services. Kareem's story is a compelling blend of personal experience and professional achievement. Tune in as we cover Kareem’s journey from growing up in the vibrant and diverse city of Chicago, to helping negotiate the Paris Climate Agreement serving in the Obama Administration, and before diving into AI and machine learning.

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