Tanvi Lal, Intuit Ventures - The Fintech Series

The Real Maxime Podcast by Raido Ventures

Episode notes

In this episode, we are joined by Tanvi Lal, a member of the investment team at Intuit Ventures, the financial software leader’s Venture Capital group responsible for overseeing investment in startups around the world. Tanvi has been recognized as one of NYC Fintech Women’s 2023 Inspiring Fintech Females. She is a co-founder of VC Unleashed, a global nonprofit aimed at diversifying venture capital through education, resource sharing, and community building, particularly for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. In this insightful conversation, we discuss the skills required to be a VC, the power of the Intuit brand to open doors for sourcing and the potential to create value post-transaction as a corporate VC. Tune in as we delve into her outlook for 2024 and the areas she is particularly interested in deploying into, including vertical SaaS, H ... 

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