S01 E81 - Kilyn + Bubbles: A cruelty survivor Therapy Dog team.

Therapy Dog Talk by Sherrie Rohde
Kilyn and her dog Bubbles, a cruelty survivor, have a unique way of reaching children who also have had a difficult past.In this 81st episode of Therapy Dog Talk, I sit down with Kilyn Horton and her Pitbull rescue, Bubbles. We discuss their heartwarming journey together, focusing on how they help children who have experienced trauma or h  ...  See more
May 09 2023

[00:00:00] Sherrie: Hello everybody. Welcome to Therapy Dog Talk.
My name is Sherrie. My dog's names are Sunny and Rylie, and each week we talk with different therapy dog teams and researchers around the world about the impact that they're making in their area.
If you are just getting started or not sure where to get started, we have a free guide for you that you can find at freeguide.therapydog talk.com. And we also have a community you can join at community.therapydogtalk.com.
Today I'm very excited we will be joined by Kylin Horton and her dog Bubbles. Bubbles is a cruelty survivor who has nothing but love for humans, and together they help people across a variety of different environments, including online when they're not able to reach people in person.
So I'm very much looking fo

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