S01 E70 - Suzanne + Murphy: A Special Victims Unit Therapy Dog team.

Therapy Dog Talk by Sherrie Rohde

Give it a listen and let me know which part you found the most helpful, then follow their journey at @K9Murphy.

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Mar 16 2023

[00:00:00] Sherrie: Hello everybody. Welcome to Therapy Dog Talk.
My name is Sherrie. My pup's names are Sunny and Rylie. And each week we talk with different therapy teams and researchers around the world to find out about the impact that they're making in their area.
Today we're going to be talking with Suzanne and Murphy about their work with children in the Special Victims unit in their department.
If you're just getting started and you're not sure where to get started, we have a free guide for you that you can find at freeguide.therapydogtalk.com. And we also have a community you can find at community.therapydogtalk.com.
So as soon as we find Suzanne and Murphy, we will get them in here and get started.
[00:00:47] Suzanne: Hi, I'm sorry. I'm new to podcast, so I apologize for

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