Teaching Spelling: How to Understand and Teach Vowel Teams & Syllables

Published: Mar 31 2021

These two topics are HARD! In this episode, I'll be sharing a few tips for teaching vowel teams so that they aren't intimidating for you or your students. I also share my approach for teaching syllables from early, more simple syllable types to more difficult syllable types for higher spellers.

Links Mentioned in this Episode:

Phoneme & Grapheme Chart: I've shared this in earlier episodes, but I know you may not have had a chance to download it.

Spelling Rule Book: I'll continually update this as I learn of new spelling rules or add other graphemes besides vowels.

Syllable Types: These syllable posters can be used to hang in your classroom or print smaller versions for your students to keep as a reference for themselves.

Email Address: theprimarygal@gmail.com Email me if you have any questions that you'd like answered in the Q&A episode. :)

Blog Post: This week's podcast is also recorded in blog post form.