Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now EP 20

Outlaw Way Podcast by Team Outlaw

Episode notes

Being young, niave, and carefree, is probably the ultimate feeling of freedom you will ever experience in your lifetime! Enjoy it while you can because in a simple moment its over and you are thrown into "adulthood" with very little knowledge of ANYTHING! Oh you think your ready because teachers, media, society, Hollywood, etc. has blown smoke up your ass for years!!! They only teach or tell us what they want us to know, just enough to survive, and be somewhat content. You have to get the real knowledge yourself, live and learn, fail repeatedly, and continue to grind until you gain enough knowledge to start making the moves you were never taught. For example, savings accounts are useless, debit cards are one of the greatest scams ever put into action. We are all just ok with the banks charging us to use our own money! How to properly use a life i ... 

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