Benefits of Acupuncture during motherhood with Jessica Parker, LAC, DAOM

The Nest on T.A.P.P.: Talks About Pregnancy and Parenting by Katie DaMota

Episode notes

In this episode, Katie DaMota joins Jessica Parker to discuss her experience supporting women throughout the motherhood cycle. Jessica specializes in Women’s Health, Prenatal Health, Family Wellness, Eastern & Functional Medicine. She strongly believes in integrative health care, providing a supportive community for wellness, and the synergistic relationship of all modalities of medicine.

In our conversation she helped us understand how her care can support women throughout motherhood and beyond as well as for pediatrics including fatigue, breastfeeding, fog, pain and balance. She shared her tips for clearing out your stash of supplements to be sure you're taking what's right for your body. She's truly a wonderful addition to our Nest family of practitioners!

You can find out more or book a visit with her practice here:

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