79-Year-Old Vegan Cancer Conqueror Sets Powerlifting World Records: Pat Reeves, Nathan Crane Podcast

The Nathan Crane Podcast by Nathan Crane

Episode notes

For more exclusive content and expert advice, head over to https://nathancrane.com/podcast/ Meet 79-year-old Pat Reeves, a vegan cancer conqueror and powerlifting record holder. Pat's journey through bone cancer to setting world records in powerlifting is nothing short of miraculous. Dive into the life of a long-term vegan who's not only survived cancer but thrived by setting global benchmarks in powerlifting. Pat's story is a testament to the power of plant-based diets and resilience. Learn how she overcame osteosarcoma and transformed her life through strength training. From marathons to powerlifting, Pat's athletic journey is an incredible inspiration to us all. Don't miss out on her strategies for maintaining health and vi ... 

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