Optimizing Athlete Performance with Plant-Based Health | Cayetano Calle,Nathan Crane Podcast

The Nathan Crane Podcast by Nathan Crane

Episode notes

Unlock the secret to top athletic performance and holistic health now at https://nathancrane.com/podcast/ Discover the power of deep health and plant-based nutrition for peak athletic performance.Join us as Cayetano, a parkour athlete and advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, shares insights on holistic health practices that enhance performance. Learn about the importance of sleep, meditation, red light therapy, and a plant-based diet. Say goodbye to a narrow focus on diet alone and embrace a holistic strategy for optimal performance and recovery. Elevate your athletic game with our guide to holistic health! Subscribe now for more wellness wisdom! Sponsors: Boost immunity with Beljanski's science-backed wellness products. Trus ... 

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