The Kingdom Episode 13: Karen Ottoni - Women in Technology, Blockchain Use Cases, and Sustainability

Published: Jul 13 2018

The blockchain community, as CEO John Belizaire remarks, is diverse in the sense that people come from different backgrounds and apply this technology to a wide variety of use cases. Still, there is something missing. Ashley Capuzzi, VP of Marketing at Soluna, says “there’s so much diversity, but no women!”

Today women make up less than 20% of US jobs in technology. But, as Karen Ottoni, the Director of Ecosystem at Hyperledger, puts it, women are more aware now that there’s an issue in their lack of representation, they want to do something different, and they’re starting the conversation.

  • Why aren’t there more women in blockchain?

  • What about blockchain, or technology in general, facilitates a lack of inclusivity?

  • How are the women in blockchain ensuring that they’re being heard?

In this episode, John, Ashley, and Karen discuss the barriers to entry for women in technology, how Karen became involved with Hyderledger, and the importance of companies being sustainable.

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