Ep 15: The "Mystery" of Investing Simplified - A Step-by-step Guide W/ Chong Ser Jing

Published: Dec 16 2020

In this must-listen episode, Ser Jing, who is the co-founder of The Compounder Fund, elaborates on the 6 main criteria that he uses in order to pick out the best growth companies for his fund.

We also talked a lot about why ordinary investors could stand a chance against professionals, how do investors value loss-making companies, why the process of researching is more important than the profits.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many investors' portfolios were being wrecked. If you wish to know how Ser Jing steered his portfolio during this COVID-19 and came out stronger, tune in!

Listen to every word he shared carefully! Enjoy!

Our Featured Speaker: Chong Ser Jing

Ser Jing started out as one of the Motley Fool Singapore’s most recognized analyst — he published more than 1,500 investing and finance-related articles on Fool.sg, helping many Singaporeans get started on their investing journey. He has also appeared on many media platforms such as AsiaOne, and The Straits Times.

One of his career highlights was to help Fool Singapore's flagship investment newsletter, Stock Advisor Gold, outperform a global stock market benchmark by nearly 2x over a 3.5 year period. Ser Jing is also the co-author of a popular Singapore-themed investment book “Invest Lah! The Average Joe’s Guide To Investing.”

You can find out more about him on The Good Investors (www.thegoodinvestors.sg) and Galilee Investment Management (www.compounderfund.com).

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