20. Mounty Boppin' on Monday Mornin'

The Holy Grail Podcast by Thomas Dore, Bailey Parker

Episode notes

This is the Holy Grail Podcast, where you come to listen to shit pub chat and amateur analysis of all your favourite sports, from 2 blokes who played a bit of ones country footy as kids and have a couple of 4th grade cricket premierships under their belts.

The Penny boys are partying hard on the beach with One Four playing in the background, but please boys, put the phones in a safe and don’t touch them for a week. Wallabies are still winning, England have apparently finally decided that the Ashes is important enough to have to spend 2 weeks in a resort for, and a couple of BIG dudes are gunna punch each other on Sunday Aus time. Tune in to catch it all.