Healing, Facing & Working with Darker Energies, Premonitions and Psychic Knowing's

THE GREAT BREAK: the podcast you don't want to hear! by Rena Wells

Episode notes

GUEST: Schara Hallim

Schara Hallim grew up with the talent of seeing and speaking to spirits, and with a natural interest in death she discovered she also had the gift of death premonition. Currently Schara is working at becoming a Death Doula and works as an Intuitive & Shaman who has an uncanny ability of speaking to energies in all forms of frequencies especially around transitionary, life changing energies. Having to face the idea that she could foretell certain events, she was thrown into learning more about the darkness and eventually discovered many insights into the unknown realms of the untapped consciousness. Join us as we dive into some of her biggest premonitions and her ability to speak to those on the other side. We discuss how she came to terms facing energies most of us fear, cast out or shy away from. She is filled with ... 

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