Unpacking the Ethical Paradoxes in Human-AI Companionship

The Gateway by Dr. Amin Vahedian, Dr. Biagio Palese + Russell Devereaux

Episode notes

For this episode Unpacking the Ethical Paradoxes in Human-AI Companionship, The Gateway is happy to welcome Raffaele Ciriello, a tenured Senior Lecturer in Business Information Systems at The University of Sydney Business School. Raffaele specializes in compassionate digital innovation, focusing on decentralized governance and ethical/societal implications of emerging digital technologies. Raffaele gravitates toward dialectical inquiry and qualitative research but remains methodologically open-minded. Raffaele is deeply committed to mentorship, having guided dozens of research students across several countries, all while actively contributing to the academic community as a reviewer and editor. Raffaele has been recognized with teaching awards, Best AE Awards and as a Distinguished Member of the Association for Information Systems. Raffaele 's res ... 

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