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The Gateway by Dr. Amin Vahedian, Dr. Biagio Palese + Russell Devereaux

Episode notes

For this episode, The Gateway is excited to have Dr. Jalal Sarabadani! Jalal is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at San Jose State University. He is an active researcher, focusing on the dark side of IT. His main area of research includes technostress, its influence on individuals and the way they cope with this phenomenon in different contexts. As a passionate teacher, he is also deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of his knowledge and encouraging his students to do the same. Jalal is also the CEO and co-founder of WritingChex, a startup that aims to empower students overcome challenges with writing skills using an AI-powered writing tutor to better prepare them for the writing component of English proficiency exams such as the IELTS or TOEFL. Outside of academia, Jalal is an avid explorer, seeking out new experiences through ... 

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