The Dreamkeeper

by Kramer Brooks

Take a trip with The Dreamkeeper: its easy, breezy, and its free! Don't mind the lack of windows, research says it only enhances the experience. The Dreamkeeper is a free travel airline where you can encounter dreams like you never have before. Each trip is unique. Every destination, a new story! So sit back, relax, and don't worry about the wrist straps, its just a safety precaution. The Dreamkeeper debuts November 1, 2021. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E03 - 1986 Part 2

    S01 E03 - 1986 Part 2

    This episode of The Dreamkeeper contains intense themes and is not intended for children. Continue the story with Christina Jenson as she navigates her tense situation between Gregory Schneider and, well, the rest of the world.

  • S01 E02 - 1986 Part 1

    S01 E02 - 1986 Part 1

    Your flight will take you into the professional world of Dr. Christina Jenson. She is a psychiatrist for the infamous Gregory Schneider. Christina takes her job seriously, she is passionate; but, so is Casey, who desires a unique ...

  • S01 E01 - Stellarum

    S01 E01 - Stellarum

    This episode of The Dreamkeeper contains intense themes. It is intended for ages 10 and up. Today's flight will take you on a sci-fi adventure you'll never forget. Take to the outer reaches of space with your captain Breez and you...

  • Trailer

    S01 - Trailer

    S01 - Trailer

    The Dreamkeeper will debut November 1, 2021. This audio drama anthology will take you on a trip where your dreams are your tour guide. A different narrative every episode, a new experience for every flight. If you love stories, th...