How FISPAN is making Open Banking accessible.

Published: Sep 21 2020

Banks and businesses in the US and other regions around the world are already shifting towards integrating business applications with financial ones. With the emergence of Open Banking, banks and businesses will have a freer flow of information between them, allowing for the development of new apps and services which will kick start financial innovation and provide a better customer experience.

FISPAN (a rapidly growing Canadian FinTech based in BC) has found a market niche in the US where businesses are asking for more connectivity so that banking data can be integrated with finance, accounting or other operational applications. Canada's SMEs and large businesses will soon follow. FISPAN’s contextual business banking platform makes it possible for banks to offer commercial banking services embedded within ERP and business applications, removing friction and adding value to how clients operate their business.

In this episode, you'll hear insights shared by Clayton Weir, Co-Founder, Product & Strategy of FISPAN. This episode is hosted by Allan Levine, FGS' Managing Director of Open Banking and CEO, Sue Britton.