Women-owned Ghanaian-based yogurt company plans to expand globally with this strategy Pt. 1 - product creation

The Digital Diplomat Podcast - Impact Locally, Build Globally by W.E. Da'Cruz

Episode notes

Episode 3 is a snippet of my conversation with Priscilla Asante, CEO of Rosswood a Yoghurt Production Company in Ghana West, Africa. Rosswood is Artisan producer of healthy, low-sugar and sugar-free yoghurt, flavored drinking yoghurt, Greek yoghurt and cream cheese. Popularly known as One Yogo in the Ghanaian marketplace, they produces a low sugar, probiotic yoghurt, in 2 flavors; strawberry & vanilla.

I met Priscilla as part of a virtual global exchange as a speaker for Global Ties Detroit during the peak of Covid. We’ve since kept in touch where I’ve been consulting Priscilla on how to prepare her brand and business for the global marketplace. Find out how she plans to leverage policies to expand her business globally.

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