S01 E07 - Bringing it Back to the Land with kuwa jasiri Indomela

The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast by Jamee Pineda
kuwa jasiri Indomela (the one/elle/beauty) engages in international writing and speaking opportunities that affirm People Of Heritage (Of Colour). As an intersex, Ghanaian-Cuban the one is immersed in their Ancestral traditions, liberation and rest. The one is also the Founding Steward of Artistic Apothecary and currently resides on Taino  ...  See more
Nov 19 2021

​Jamee Pineda
Hi, you are listening to the decolonizing medicine podcast. I'm your host, Jamee Pineda, coming to you from Piscataway territory, otherwise known as Baltimore, Maryland. I happen to be recording today on Undas, aka Araw Ng Mga Patay, or Day of the Dead. In the islands now known as the Philippines. This is a practice of pre colonial origins where people would spend time visiting family graves and communing with their ancestors. I'm not able to visit my ancestors graves in person right now, but my work, my values, and inspiration are rooted in those that came before me to contribute to the liberation of those that come after me. This is why this podcast center's Black and Brown practitioners and conversations about decolonization and healing work. I've got a few quick announcem

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